Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 17- What were you doing when Lady Di was killed in Paris 14 years ago?

Thankfully I was not in the wagon that was following Princess Diana's wagon the day that she died. Instead I was a content passenger in Abigail Noonan's beloved Anglia wagon, as it made its way home from Mighty Morrinsville..

To honour this day I do need to tell the whole story....

So as Julie Andrews would say: "Lets start at the very beginning"!

Miss Jayne, Miss Flea Delonghi, Miss (now Mama) Abigail, and myself had descended on our journey, from Taranaki to Morrinsville, on the Friday afternoon I believe, and whilst driving through Mount Messenger, the beloved Anglia became extremely overheated - I'm sure it was menopause, but Mama Abigail, I'm sure, would beg to differ.

My memory evades me at this point but I do remember, later that evening, driving between Ohaupo and Hamilton when her tyre blew out. We ended up on the right hand side of the ride, safely parked in a driveway, in the dark, with no wheel brace. A wagon was flagged down - and although they had no wheel brace, they kindly parked, safely, facing the beloved Anglia, with lights shining so all could see their way. Another wagon was flagged down, and as it abruptly stopped,the wagon behind it swerved and spun a full 360Degrees on the wet road - taking out a few other wagons in its path. One hit wagon flew at the very first wagon that had stopped, hitting it hard from behind, which in turn smacked into the beloved Anglia just as I had stepped out of it's path.....

Thankfully no one was hurt, although all wagon's were very unhappy as they were towed away. The beloved Anglia suffered a very minor dent (randomly enough in exactly the same place where I had been standing!) and the police officers kindly used their wheel brace to change the blown out tyre....

Phew.. I remember the beloved Anglia full were all very shocked and keen to get to our destination asap.. But that, dear followers, was not the end of it!

No, no, no...... We stopped in Hamilton to get coffee and to pass water at a service station, and then continued on into the township. After all we had experienced that day, a whiskey was what was called for.. But alas, Miss Jayney discovered, as we parked outside a Hip Hop bar (Abigail's choice), that her handbag was nowhere to be seen - and therefore, her precious belongings were also nowhere to be seen. Missy Jayne, and the beloved Anglia had been selflessly robbed....

By now the whiskey was yelling down the staircase of the Hip Hop bar, so Miss Jayne polished her beautiful face and we entered the bar.. After a few whiskeys, a dance or two to distract the minds, and some random sideways glances from huge Samoan Hip Hop blokes, we drove to Morrinsville to sleep the night away..... A huge evening!

To cut a looong story short, and please do excuse the longevity of this novel, as we left Morrinsville to return home to Taranaki a few days later, we stopped atae petrol station to fill the beloved Anglia with precious petrol.. As Mama Abigail re-entered the beloved Anglia, she proclaimed, " Oh my goodness (well something along the lines of), Princess Diana is dead"...

Following stunned silence, not one of us believed her, but as Mama Abigail reported just this evening, "Why would I joke about something like that?"... precisely.....

.........................and now that is a true story......!

And I do believe that Camilla should have sung the following song on Charles and Diana's wedding day all those years past.... it just might have stopped a whole lot of shenanigans ya?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 13- If you could change one law what would it be, and why?

One of the many Laws I would certainly enjoy changing would be Michael Laws and his political status in my hometown..

Thankfully, the majority of Whanganui voted in a Mayor who, besides being a strong wahine, genuinely cares for the people of this land - aswell as the land.. I'm pretty sure Michael Laws only cared for how his voice sounded live, and how many people he could offend while throwing his toys out of the cot... (She states while not wanting to sound tooo negative!)

But to cut a long story short, and before I get my forthright shoes on and write a novel, I think this Law can honestly be rectified by gathering together an old fashioned lynch mob to help Michael Laws pack up his bullyness and household goods into sturdy boxes, and move his ego right on out of town? And... maybe then take a leaf out of Bob Parker's book and tattoo it onto Michael's inner eyelids?

Italian Phrase of the day..... "Mi scusi, questa è la mia fermata"
Excuse me, this is my stop...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 11: What was the last thing you Googled, and what did you find out?

Please excuse the trickyness of this challenge - I've eaten all chalk and therefore need to mix up the days a wee bit... and have just got some MB power happening.. so to Day 11 before Day 10, on Day 29!?

The other afternoon, after confirming with the GP that "Yes, it is indeed a ganglion upon your wrist", I popped into mama Pamela Anne's (with an 'E') for a grand old pot of tea on the lazy Susan - Now in the interrim, I do not know of any lazy Susan's by nature.... My Aunt Susan works herself to oblivion, and I know of a fellow kindergarten teacher who contently seems married to her profession, and... I cannot think of any other Susan's....

So, returning to the pot of tea on the lazy Susan - I was gifted a beautiful pair of Blue Babushka earrings! Smiling from ear to ear.... and.. this evening I googled 'Babushka Shop Melbourne', to give her the address for her upcoming holiday, and...... discovered that there is indeed a 'Babushka' shop in Prague.... and they say you learn something new every day (although who are 'they' in the grand picture of it all?)... What I do know is I shall be placing my feet on Prague soil before October of this year.... and no doubt starving myself for a few days in order to make a few purchases from the 'Babushka' shop.....

A Sesame Street Clip that I do remember...

BABUSHKA: From Russian бабушка (bábuška, “grandmother, granny”), diminutive of баба (bába, “old woman”). Also known as Russian Nesting Dolls, and Matryoshkas, Babushka's make up a set of a wooden figures which separate, top from bottom, to reveal a smaller figure of the same sort inside, which has, in turn, another figure inside of it, and so on. The number of nested figures is traditionally at least five, but can be much more, up to several dozen with sufficiently fine craftsmanship. Modern dolls often yield an odd number of figures but this is not an absolute rule; the original Zvyozdochkin set, for instance, had an even number. The form is approximately cylindrical, with a rounded top for the head, tapering toward the bottom, with little or no protruding features; the dolls have no hands (except those that are painted).

Italian Phrase of the day: "Amo il mio mama"- I love my mama..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 10- If you could pick your 15mins of fame, what would you be doing?

15 minutes of Fame? I know exactly what I'd be doing......

Playing the grand ole blues/roots/jazz tunes, on the ukulele, in a set with one of the greats - maybe on the Stage at the Bowl of Brooklands in Taranaki? With BB King, or Richie Havens, or Bob Dylan or... or... or......?
Thousands upon thousands of people would be in awe - "did you happen to see that dreadlocked wahine who blew the socks off everyone that was standing on that grass that day..?!"

.. and... and Louis Armstrong would still be alive, and have caught wind of my tricks... and have personally requested I play a section on his next trumpet album.... maybe "The Very, Very Best of Louis Armstrong - Accompanied by the sweet tunes of Paula Ann Signal's Ukulele"...?

Please, leap into this daydream with me and take 2 minutes to honestly imagine your own name up in lights by Louis Armstrong, or whomever takes your fancy?....

Struth Ruth! I adore day dreaming on a sunny Sunday where the earth is still and Mother Earth is hopefully resting...... and also a day that I've found myself pondering on all the people who live rent free within my mind.... xo.

Italian Phrase of the Day: "Ti presento un amici mi, Louis" This is my friend, Louis....

Friday, March 18, 2011

I cannot honestly pick an evening that I last stayed up to see the sunrise - although I do have a vacant memory of waking up at Lisa's new whare very whiskeyed out and making my way to my own whare, sometime in 2009, and shadely watching the sun rise before literally passing out.....

Oooowah, and and there was the New Years in amongst the hills of Paakaraka when Amanda Jones (Nee Orme) and I leapt and laughed around the firepit until the sun rose - everyone else slept...
We witnessed the rooster and his girly girls waltzing up the driveway with such grace, and proceeded to do a voice-over in regards to their conversations of which we believed a rooster and his girly girls would conduct at such an early hour.... Grand laughter for sure!
Italian Phrase of the Day: "Adore voi" - I adore you..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 08- Take a photo of the weirdest thing you can find in your community and tell us why

This creature (it seems soooo alive) majestically appeared beside the Whanganui Awa around about the time mother earth put on her unsettled shoes - before random earthquakes destroyed Christchurch and Japan, and before sooo many peoples hearts actually stopped...
The fissures are meant to portray the Whanganui Awa, but when I coincedently found this 800kg steel ball, it immediately felt prophetic... someone out there knew what was coming.... maybe?
The artist prefers to remain anonymous, while the creator, David McCracken, has produced a masterpiece - it holds grand acoustics and would sound incredible with a whole heap of hearts beating a drum beat on its surface....
My heart beat furiously, early hours of Saturday morning, at the knowledge that recent earthquakes in Hawaii create a triangle with Japan and Aotearoa! To this day, anxiety stops me watching footage of the devastation because (a), it's entirely unbelievable yet sooo real, and (b), I'm leaping on a giant plane soon to see the world, and will be entirely helpless if anything major occurs.. what about my whaanau?
The photo's and video footage that have crossed my path remind me that we completely have no control over mother earth, and that enough is enough - we must take care of her, even if it is tooo late.... To be honest, I'm incredibly nervous.. Please do not think I am a scaredy cat though - just a wahine with a heart that is tooo big and quietly sensitive.....

Italian Phrase of the day:
"Ho bisogno del tabacco di aiutare i miei nervi"
- I have need of the tobacco to help my nerves

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 07- Who is your all time favourite artist and what is their best piece/s?

Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring has to be, I must admit, one of fmy all time favourite paintings..... Today the painting is kept in the Mauritshuis gallery in the Hague - but where fore art thou is Hague?? Oh hold on one moment while I consult Google....

Ah ha.... tis the third largest city in the Netherlands, therefore I can sleep easy (aided by a few G&T's aswell) knowing that perhaps I may just be able to behold the painting in real life - very soon infact!

I myself, own a print of this glorious painting, of which I acquired in an auction to aid mama Lisa's journey to Vietnam a few years back... I must admit that mama Lisa has often enquired of buying it back but I cannot part with it - although if anything happens to me in my own wee journey, I have left specific instructions that it be delivered to her beautiful hands.. Not that I am expecting anything to occur, but best we be safe rather then ever so sorry.....

Above is a wee personal take on the painting - My dear sister Becks arrived home from Ghana with a head full of braids.. We wrapped her up and indulged in a photo shoot.... Blessed beauty she is indeed!
Italian Phrase of the day: Bellisimo!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 6: What is your daily morning routine?

I would wake most mornings looking, and feeling like this:

and now.................

Mostly, the smile is sooo grand, I'm often not too sure what to do with it......

So, where were we? Ah yes, my morning routine:

  1. Wake to the alarm of the body clock (more often then not!)

  2. Doze for a bit - light dreams of more sleep time

  3. Literally leap out of bed with dreadlocks standing on end and sleep wrinkles on either side of my nose....

  4. A visit to the wharepaku - as you do.....

  5. Espresso coffee pot goes onto the stovetop...... Very important...

  6. I'm practising 5 minute showers for the backpacking styles in Europe, and I tend to execute this while the organic, fairtrade coffee tis brewing....

  7. A grand coffee, and some fruit and yoghurt with the sun upon my kanohi - and a quick quiet time to contemplate the day ahead (this was also the time to puff on a couple of hikareti - but alas, those days are looong gone and entirely missed sometimes)

  8. Then, I whip the dreadlocks into place..... and brush up my teeth

  9. and............. flee out the door at approx 7:30am, merrily singing "hi ho, hi ho, it's off to mahi I go...!"

Italian Phrase of the Day: Buongiorno voi merdina....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 05- Tell us something interesting and treasured that your mother or father taught you.

One grand thing I remember, at the age of apprx. 16 years, is a dream I had of my papa (he'd been gone say 8 years by this time).. He picked me up in his beautiful styley Holden Special 1967 vehicle, and took me for a driving lesson - my first one ever, and with column change!

When I learnt to drive in waking life (thanks ever sooo to my glorious cousin Kirsti and her ever trusty wagon which always ran happily on empty), I remembered a few tricks of the trade that my papa had taught me......
  1. No need to keep your foot on the brake while you ride the accelerator
  2. Window ledges are for resting your elbows
  3. Always wear a seatbelt, always.......

And now my grand wagon that I adore, has been sold and is awaiting the installation of new CV joints - I will miss thee dearly and hope to behold myself a beautiful van on my return from the grand continent of Europe - of which there is only 12 weeks and 2 days until departure...... soo close yet sooooo far....

Italian Phrase of The Day: Quanto per quel vagone, per favore?
How much is that wagon, please?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 4 - Draw a picture of your family in just 10 minutes.

And that is that..... especially when there are no whaanau around and you have a spare sheet of lined paper in your planning book that your mama gave you for Christmas.... and a biro that you whipper snappered from the NZEI union lady because she refused to just give you an "Education Cuts Do Not Heal" T-shirt in support of the campaign... No, there actually was not a reason but it seemed pretty forthrightly fair at the time.. Okay, honestly? She left it behind, sneakily, on my desk... No not my desk - the communal desk!
Exaggerators Anonymous, do I need to register or can I do a walk in?
I did speak German to an unsuspecting German sheila today - "Wie Heissen sie?", she answered me, saying what I am not too sure, and she adored my accent.... I can surely pretend to be German in Germany - Ja!

Italian Phrase of the day: Potete parlare tedesco? - Can you speak German?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 03- Write a poem about a person you know.

Ode to Kate Paris...

At the beautiful wooden table, you will find Miss Kate,
when all is well at about a quarter to eight......

She will have feathers in her hair from the manu in heaven
when all is well at about a quarter to seven....

And she might even cook kai with a fire made from sticks,
when all is well and warm at about a quarter to six...

She'll save you, momentarily, from thoughts of earthquakes and lifes,
and all will be well, at about a quarter to five...

When she turns up to knock at your Nana's lovely door,
Sometime well before a quarter to four....

She will thieve off with you, laughter running down to your knee,
Before te ra has set at a quarter to three...
If you cross her, she'll break the heart of a rubber hedgehog named Sue,
Way, way after bedtime at about a quarter to two...
And to top it all off and cover it with a lamington bun,
She will surely curl up and contently snore at about a quarter to one......
(March 2011)

Italian Phrase of the day: Amo le uova, dalla mia testa giù ai miei piedini - I love eggs, from my head down to my legs....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 02- If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be and why? Name the pet and tell us any special tricks or traits it might have.

Firstly, a confession if I must..... besides sneaking (on invitation) into Cecelia's land today to pick fresh peaches from the tree, I also ate my Golden Queen Peach.. But on the upside, I did refrain from leaping my nana's fence to eat all the apples in the neighbours yard.. Please deliver me my punishment Denita...

And if I could have any pet?

A Giant Tortoise w0uld indeed cut the mustard - but it may just have to be a knitted one as I have sworn never ever to let a creature, whether it be four legged, furry or scaly, ever befriend me, ever, again in my life.... ever!

But how's this browsy below whose "pimped his ride"!? ooowaaah... now thats ingenuity in its best form - wonder if he has a remote control, or whether the wheel has ever run him over because it gets impatient with the slowness - like the random 40km drivers on Mosston Road when your running a tad to late for work because you've never needed an alarm clock but just this once your body clock failed you?

While wiling over a grand cup of real coffee, with my grand browsy Daniel the other morning, I spied four Jamaican tortoises on the telly box... okay, so admittedly they were humans dressed up in giant tortoise costumes, but struth Ruth, they were entirely funny with green dreadlocks and congo drums.... Daniel was near done choking with laughter on his rice bubbles!

I'd call my giant tortoise 'Rico'... and it would speak fluent Italian...

Italian Phrase of The Day: "Lo ho trovato un tortoise giamaicano, uomo."
I found me a Jamaican tortoise, man!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 01- Buy a piece of fruit, post a photo and tell us why you bought this type of fruit. Keep it in a safe place for the month.

The very beginning of a Brand spanking new 30 day Blog Challenge - courtesy of Mrs Denita Tizard... I must contently confess that I never actually purchased this here Golden Queen Peach, but instead it was found in my Nana Manu's refridgerator (Is this honestly how you spell the full word for fridge?)..... and it is one of my favourite fruits, but my mama loves them much much more then I - Personally, even though it is not in season, a CHERIMOYA, or CUSTARD APPLE, floats my grand old paddle steamboat.... and this GOLDEN QUEEN PEACH takes a very comfortable second place position...

Whether it will actually last a whole month without me devouring it is another blog entirely! I adore its juicyness and its ability to not be as furry as other types of peaches......

AND..... peaches bring a whole myriad of visuals and sounds to my mind:

- I once painted a backdrop for "The Wizard of Oz" production where the hills looked like hundreds of peaches, or bottoms even..

- My first smooch was under the family peach tree (Maybe aged 8yrs?)

- I'd love to drink pure golden queen peach juice on a daily basis!

- Are there peaches in Austria perchance?

Italian Phrase of the Day: "Milioni de peschi per me"
- Millions of peaches for me!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dee's Everyday Blog challenge - and that's "Mama Dee" to you..!

hmmm... what could this particular treat be..? A specialty perhaps?
...and even though february has not 31 days, I'll also, obviously, be starting this magnifico 30 day challenge late - A family tradition carried over.. Ka pai to mahi/Great work Mama Dee.... xo.

Day 01- Buy a piece of fruit, post a photo and tell us why you bought this type of fruit. Keep it in a safe place for the month.
Day 02- If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be and why? Name the pet and tell us any special tricks or traits it might have.
Day 03- Write a poem about a person you know.
Day 04- Draw, for only 10 minutes, a portrait of your family.
Day 05- Tell us something interesting and treasured that your mother or father taught you.
Day 06- What is your daily morning routine?
Day 07- Who is your all time favourite artist and what is their best piece/s?
Day 08- Take a photo of the weirdest thing you can find in your community and tell us why.
Day 09- When was the last time you stayed up to see the sunrise?
Day 10- If you could pick your 15mins of fame, what would you be doing?
Day 11- Draw a self portrait in chalk.
Day 12- What was the last thing you Googled and what did you find out?
Day 13- If you could change one law what would it be, and why?
Day 14- If you could learn anything at night classes, what would it be and why?
Day 15- Draw a picture of anything in your home without looking at the paper.
Day 16- Who is the person you laugh with the most and why?
Day 17- What were you doing when Lady Di was killed in Paris 14 years ago?
Day 18- Make a collage out of todays newspaper, make sure you sign it and put the date in there somewhere.
Day 19- What is your biggest fear?
Day 20- Tell us about one of the most exciting times you have had in your life.
Day 21- Take a photo of your dinner and tell us about how it taste.
Day 22- What is your favourite sweet treat?
Day 23- Do a water painting and take a photo of it before it dries.
Day 24- If you could only have on cd in your car for a month what would it have on it?
Day 25- What were you like as a teenager?
Day 26- If you could have any wish what would it be and why?
Day 27- Do something nice for someone today and tell us what you did.
Day 28- Draw a portrait of yourself without taking the pen off the paper.
Day 29- What is the thing that has been on your TO DO LIST the longest? Why have you been putting it off?
Day 30- What sort of blog challenges would you make me do for a month? You can post 1-31 days here, your choice.
Day 31- Take a photo of the piece of fruit you bought at the beginning of the challenge and tell us what happened to it over the month.

Day 30 - My favourite song

Please, please do forgive me... and all the others that have done you wrong... I apologise on their behalf, they honestly didn't mean it..... I had completely forgotten about DAY 30 as the new kindergarten term has rolled around and my aroha for the tamariki took hold of my days.. oh and the fact that excitment has entirely distracted me because one of my goals for the month of January has come into fruition - Yes, I am to leap on a wakarererangi (boeing 737) on June the 8th of this very year, to travel Europe for approx 7 months (she excitedly types even though her leave has not been officially approved!?) but more on that at a later date...

SOoooo... my favourite tune ever? Easy, peasy, Japanesy...... Melissa Etheridge and Dolly Parton's duet of "JOLENE" - Beautiful wahine with beautiful soul..
But alas you'll have to youtube it as the ancient PC I have hijacked keeps freaking out when one tries to embed video clips... Enjoy, and do comment if you take the time to look my favourite tune up - I'm intrigued!!
Italian Phrase of the Day:

.."I' supplica di m. di voi prego don' la t prende il mio uomo" -

I'm begging of you please don't take my man...

and now to quite possibly take on another 30 day trick? What say you?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 29 - In this month what have I learnt?

A 'hur' of a lot to be entirely honest........ but to name a few and not bore you to oblivion and back again:

  • Spontaneity is not to be ignored
  • That I do not need many materialistic objects to live contently
  • To be entirely respectful, and responsible, of the little bits that I do NEED in my kit bag to survive
  • Fawns aren't just found in fairytales
  • The name of the conference centre just outside of Bulls is called "FLock House" - The name has been on the tip of my tongue for a few weeks!
  • You can buy a taxidermied hawk for $850 in Wellington or a taxidermied possum holding a rifle for $57.95 on Trademe
  • Savings do actually accumulate if you forget about them
  • Pregnant woman can, and will, eat whole bags of chippies if left to their own devices
  • It is imperative to keep your fingernails short during the teaching term
  • Money definately does not grow on trees, no matter how much you fertilise the soil


  • A tiny percentage of people who want to borrow your phone in the middle of a rain storm, are in fact escaped convicts from the Wanganui District Courthouse... (remind me to tell you this particular story one day - please?)

Italian Phrase of the Day: "mostrami le tue incisioni" - show me your etchings..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 28 - A pikitia of me from last year, and one of now - how have I changed

August 2010...

and... December 2010 (so not 2011 but nearly!)

How have I changed? Hmmm.... Well not much on a physical level, although my locks are a little longer, and I feel rather grown up this year, but on a mental level I've learnt that it makes more of an impression to carry a staplegun around then a picture frame.. and Life is relatively about the Lines that you make.....
if only I could get a tan (and maintain one) on my legs..... oh the lines I would make!

Italian Phrase of the Day: Come si dice "crap me on" in italiano?
How do you say "crap me on" in Italian?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 27 - Why am I doing this 30 day challenge?

"Because we love you.." (Mickey Mouse Club)...
Because a part of me misses writing....
Because I need to get in the practice - big tricks are ahead!
and... because Mama Dee is sooo inspiring, I adore her Blog (Denita Tizard Artist) and the way she documents everything, be it with photographs, writing, painting, or video..

Italian Phrase of the Day:

"Mi è piaciuto molto" - I enjoyed myself very much

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 26: What do you think of your friends?

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked." - Bernard Meltzer

My friends.... they share loads of aroha and make me laugh until I nearly wet my pants!

Our hearts are often on the same page... but they don't mind begging to differ.....

Spontaneity is often our other best friend........

And jam sandwiches unite us.....

And gather us around the fire....

While distance never seems to matter.....

I love them more then the moon .... and that's a true story in itself!

Ciao mia bella amici xo.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day5 - What you would find in my bag?

I've left my camera at the Balmoral manor, and I'm a day behind... But let me tell you whats in my bag this day:
  1. a 'boysenberry' telephone
  2. Pick-up-sticks
  3. A random set of keys -not sure who they belong to
  4. 2011 diary, stuffed full of found objects
  5. Traces of tobacco from days long gone
  6. Headphones
  7. My wallet which has only just made its way back to me (thankyou Deanna)
  8. Many pens.. many of which do not work
  9. A crunchy organic apple from Ashburton
  10. Copious amounts of EFTPOS receipts
  11. A guitar pick made of paua
  12. A map of Europe
  13. and... Frankincense oil that has slowly leaked dry

I did something yesterday that nearly made me faint - and if it wasn't for the concept of hurting myself, perhaps I would have..! When I confided in a 'Pesky Teenager' this morning, he sung me a tune by Tracey Chapman (is she still about?), which bought to memory this legendary tune:

Italian Phrase of the Day: "Sei stupenda!" - you're fantastic!

Mucho aroha and awhi to Sarah, Ben and whaanau - I wish there was still time to get to know you and your beautiful smile girl xox.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 24 - A letter to my whaanau

Dear Whaanau,

Thankyou ever soooo for the red hair that tickles my ears, the laughter that causes my head to ache, and the aroha that fills my heart..

Ka te ra
Paula Ann

P.S: and thankyou for the tears that keep my eyeballs clean and clear.. all the better to see you with my dears...!

Cranberries - Ode To My Family
Italian Phrase of The Day: "Mi gira la testa" - I feel dizzy.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 23 - Something I crave for a lot

This morning I craved for a good ole game of the "Chronicles of Narnia" - and I fulfilled that craving this afternoon....! Cheers to Mrs Jones..

Right now I would do just about anything for a gluten free, sugar free chocolate cake that comletely and utterly tasted like the real thing! Maybe I should turn into the huntress and raid the cupboards, of where I'm housesitting as I am officially homeless, to look for buckwheat flour and organic vanilla essence - would honey do the trick? hmmmm... I believe I really need someone so skilled in this gluten free trick to just take over and feed me on a regular basis.....

I wondered, while at the movie theatre the other evening, if Cher is gluten free? By the way the movie, Burlesque, was choice - an escapism tactic, and quite similar to Coyote Ugly....

Italian Phrase for the Day: "Mi piace la torta" - I like cake.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 22 - What makes me different from everyone else?

Honestly..? I believe I'm different because I say I am.. and.. not too much in my life makes me profoundly different... but I know I am.. and I know this because:

  1. When everyone else is watching rugby, I have no idea which teams are playing, and if, mysteriously, I happen to be roped into watching a game, I'm disappointed at the lack of respect when the players let their socks fall down.. and then I wonder how long until full time, when we can put the board game "Chronicle's of Narnia" on the table and defeat the White Witch....

  2. I prefer old school folky, blues tunes and feel sooo confused when my 13 year old niece asks what my favourite Taylor Swift track is.. (is she a cousin 2nd removed perhaps?)

  3. I'm homeless..... literally!

  4. and.... My heart is soooo hugee, I often wonder how much aroha one's heart can contain before spontaneously combusting all over the footpath outside of Whanganui's grandest coffee house 'ZINC'...

But then every single human being, and two, three or four legged creature holds their own sense of difference - perhaps the word one is looking for is..... UNIQUENESS..

I challenge you to ask yourself: "What is unique about me?"
and if your nails are strong enough, please write your findings in the comment slot attached......

I asked Georgey (the 13yr old being above) and he patted my cheek as if to say "Get it together woman! I've got four legs, and I've just about lived my nine lives, and I've fathered sooo many wee one's - all of which I have never met.... and I prefer to sleep on the bonnet of your car instead of wrapped around your neck like all those other four-legged creatures out there.. in a nutshell, I'm a ginger King!"....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 21... Pikitia of something that makes you happy!

I've been playing a legendary "Chronicle's of Narnia" game with the Jones' whaanau, the white witch and a whole bunch of Asian tokens (oh no, sorry, make that Aslan token's).... And that surely makes me happy, but one trick that completely makes me happy is a grand ole game of SCRABBLE....
I must go - I have one more chance to completely defeat the white witch and ensure that Edmund the lust gets eaten by wolves... whilst Lucy the Violent sets her brother, Peter the Magnificent, up with the muscly Centaurs... and Susan the gentle keeps all the Asians for herself....
And one question: What did Father Cristmas have to do with the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe?
Italian Phrase of the day: "Cosa danno?" - Whats on?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 20 - Someone I see myself marrying in the future

If marriage ever gets round to knocking on my door (Oh, hold on one minute - best I not be a Nomad then, and actually have my very own door?), I've got my heart set on a grand, strong scotsman... yes, I know, Ewan McGregor does not seem all that strong in this pikitia, but I'm hoping you get the idea..
A piece of advice crossed my path in 2010, and that is to ensure you settle your heart with somebody that meets you on the following levels:
a. Spiritual
b. Emotional
c. physical
I'm not to sure if this rolls with me because often in my life, I come across couples that are so opposite! Maybe meet on at least one of these levels?
I did find a random recipe for a man in the back of one of my journals - 'ability to use a chainsaw, and the patience to let me use one too..'! (Is this a realistic ingredient?)...

The following video clip is from Sarah Blasko - All I want.. (I'd really like to own her dress...)

Italian phrase for the Day: "Mi piace it tuo ciondolo" - I love your pendant.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 19 - Nicknames I have and why?

Ha! Honestly where does one start? Well I suppose the beginning is a fair enough place..
  1. Poola - A whaanau pet name.
  2. Annie - Oh, the ginger Afro I had as a wee one!
  3. Puha - A school name that stuck from taking puha and pork bones for lunch..
  4. Pu - Now this one originated from "Puha" and stuck like glue for many years and it still comes up every now and then...
  5. Purerehua/Purere - I was gifted this name by a beautiful man who claimed I had eyes like the puriri moth....
  6. Auny (Aunty without the 'T') - From my beloved niece as a three year old.. Even now, at 13, if she's after some awhi and Aroha, she'll whip this one out..
  7. Sissa - A name that my "Sissa" and I use inistead of our first names...
  8. Rere - A dirivitive from Purere.. In Maaori it means to fly...!? I love it when it is hollered "Reeeeeereeeeeee..............................".
  9. Rer's - This is a southern belle version of Rere.. Sometimes with a 'Z' sound...
  10. Rooster - My beloved cousin named me this when the dreadlocks began to form..
  11. Paula Ann - A professional version of my birth name, and one that was used as a child if I was in trouble...
  12. VASA - This must be yelled.....! Especially from 14 year old's...
  13. Mama - A grand term of endearment..
  14. and..... "Mia Bella Merdina" (My beautiful little shit.....)...

A Grand Brother of mine wrote the following tune many years ago, not long after i'd leapt out of a beautiful tree in Taranaki and rearrange my waewae - he rung whilst I was in recovery and played it load and clear down the phone to me.....

Italian phrase of the day: "Francesco ha un cuore d'oro" - Francesca has a heart of gold....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 18 - Plans/dreams/goals I have

Life seems sooo full of aroha when you are free to do what you want, but then the school holidays finish way to soon and your back to the tricks of being a kindergarten teacher, while others explore and enjoy the world. As Nina would say "Please don't let me be misunderstood", I adore being a teacher (tutore/maestro in italian) but I'm rather unsure of where I want to be a teacher right now....
Anyhow... to the PLANS/DREAMS/GOALS I have:

1. Get on a wakarererangi for absolute starters - this year!

2. Explore/work/laugh and enjoy Scotland, of which makes up a third of my being...

Italy - Note that in some weird way it is shaped like an upside down Aotearoa...

.. and.... the Netherlands..

3. Have no sense of coming home until well into 2012..

4. Laugh, love and live...... Hopefully with a grand, strong Scotsman...

5. Teach where my heart is on the same page as others... In a natural setting perhaps?

6. Write music.... and photograph the world as I see it - "The Little Things"..

Hmmm... that might just have to do for now (I hope it's not too 'airy fairy' for your liking?) as I could get randomly carried away and fill in an entirety of Blog Challenge Days...

Italian phrase for the Day: (Compliments of an Italian Phrase Calendar that my gorgeous red headed niece gave me for Christmas)

"I diamanti sono i migliori amici delle ragazze" - Diamonds are a girl's best friend..

"Paula preferisce i rubini" - Paula prefers rubies!

NB: Darling Mama Dee, I'm not too sure if this youtube clip shows up on my blog trick - it doesn't appear to on the computer I am on.. AM I missing a specific trick perhaps? xox.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 17 - Someone I would love to swap lives with for a day

Hmmmm..................................... I've been pondering on this for a few days now and I reckon Miss

Nina Simone..

Imagine being able to play the piano with such grandness, and to sing with your deepest of hearts soulness without fear, or even needing, of offending anyone?

I've always wanted to spread myself across a grand Black piano and sing to my dearest loved ones for hours on end.. But I would only like to be Nina Simone for one day - her ancestral happenings, and sense of racial disturbances, really kept a negative hold upon her heart (of which it would!).. Maybe I could fill her shoes with positive aroha? hmmm... I love, well completely adore, the fact that dreams are absolutely free...

And I love her tune.. "Funkier then a mosquito's tweeter..." - A legend.. which I've just learnt, was a cover from Ike and Tina Turner!?

Italian Phrase for the day: "Tesoro mio" - My Treasure.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 16: (Already!) A Pikitia of Myself..

A classic morning shot of me rumaging through the dress-up closet - 2011 Self Portrait taken on a Lumix camera with a buggered lens (No excuses)...
Not that one should honestly critic oneself but - how's the wrinkles around my eye's? and my nose is rather similiar to that of my beloved Grandmother..... I do love the potae (hat)...

Italian Phrase of the Day: "Sbrigati!" - Hurry Up!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 15: Put Ipod on Shuffle - First Ten songs that play.

One must let you know that a few days ago I plugged my itouch into a stereo and turned it on - and only 26 (out 0f 100's) songs remain.... hmmmmm.... a mystery in itself!

1. Thats's Amore - The Wellington International Ukulele orchestra
2. Rain and Snow - The Be Good Tanya's
3. One Love - Lullaby Renditions of Bob Marley
4. Samba Clarina - Balkan Grooves
5. Mama Said - The Phenominal Ruthie Foster
6. Brown Skin - Indie Arie
7. Israelites - The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra
8. Hope - Fat Freddy's Drop
9. Words With Creation - Hannah Howes
10. One Drop - Bob Marley and The Wailers...

and one more, that if I hadn't lost all my tunes, I know it would have spun up (It always did!)...

11. Izzy, izzy, ahh - Missy Elliot

Many moons ago, I met a grand musician, Hannah Howes - a lioness of the guitar! Being blessed, as I like to think I sometimes am, she invited me to open for her twice at the Red Eye Cafe in Whanganui - I nearly wet my pants with fear but pulled it off with a grand smile upon my dile...... Check her out on YouTube (I'm experiencing difficulties at uploading tricks - sorry Mama Dee, I was paying attention, I promise!)...

Italian Phrase of the day: "Sto cercando John" - I'm looking for John! Ciao xo.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 14: a pikitia of my whaanau and me..

It kind of looks like I've jumped the gun a wee bit, but let the truth be known - I missed yesterday's part of the 30 Day Blog Challenge... But please do not stretch me out and behead me like my 17th great grandfather.....!
The Gorgeous Cousin's at our Cousin's Wedding...

My Aunty, Sister, Nan, Mama, Cousin and Koro!
(This pikitia was taken on a timer on the top of the
beloved port-a-bin)...
Went on a bit of a tiki-tour today - shared some grand laughter with friends and their wee one's, filled up ordinary balloons with water and created "fish" for the swimming pool, got completely excited at the thought of leaping on a plane next week (Struth.. if only I could in a financial sense), chuckled at a duck waddling inside a fancy house, and nearly got dive bombed by a thousand long dragonfly's (okay, so that's a wee bit of an exaggeration, but there were a few!).. Oh and I got a grand lesson from Denita MAd in the fine art of 'Embedding' Youtube clips to my Blog! Mille Baci Mama Dee xox.

Day 13: A Letter to Someone Who Recently Made Me Laugh

Dear Mr Jack Lalanne,
I have to say Sir, that on New Years Eve of 2011, your video clip on "Unhappy People" (see Youtube), made me laugh soooooo much... The complications of this laughter, however, caused a ginormous seritonin overload in the back of my head, and, I needed to run outside, drop my trousers, and amidst contending with the ridiculous pain in my head and a sense of dizzyness, I had to urinate on the grass of my dearest friends newly mowed lawn.

I think you should definately be held accountable for this, and if the grass wilters or my brain swells too much from the seritonin overload, I shall be invoicing you for damages as soon as it is possible!

Grand blessings and a happy hewest of year wherever you may be..

Paula Ann

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 12: How I found out about Blogger and why I chose to begin.

Tricky tricks honestly! No... From darling Denita Tizard - I loved reading her blog.. her way of writing about everyday happenings in the 1st/2nd/3rd sense just made sense!?

Roger that - Over and Out!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 11: Another Pikitia Of Me & My Friends

This has to be an all time favourite pikitia of mine - A grand ole roadtrip up the Whanganui Awa with Denita, Makahu, Josy Kuri Wai (not pictured) and mama Son before she was a mama, and before Denita was a mama too! Ha! Those were the days my friends.....
In this pikitia, we are perched outside the Art Room at the Hiruharama/Jerusalem Convent - I think its been turned into a library now..
When we returned home, sunburnt and smiling, papa Shaughan was all prepped up to make us delicious hamburgers! A truly gorgeous day....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 10: Songs That I play when I'm sad/happy/hyped/mad...

Hnmmmm.. a tricky one! Would love to post youtube clips but unsure how..need lessons from my dearest Denita, but please do find, and enjoy, yourself....

  • SAD: Xavier Rudd's "Solace"
  • HAPPY: Ukulele jam sandwich - "My grandma, and your grandma"
  • HYPED: Nina Simone's "Funkier then a mosquito's tweeter" and Black Market Funk Podcasts..
  • MAD: Eartha Kitt's "I want to be evil" (Thanks Amanda J)

I'm currently housesitting up the top of a grand hill in Kai iwi with chickens (one of which is extremely clucky), a very old pooch, a grand vegetable garden and no water outside of the house... This home is just that, a heavenly home... I may just have to take over posession - isn't that 9/10th's of the law? Or padlock/electrify the gates? May turn into a prune too.... Ciao xo.

"Cosi fan tutte" - That is the way of all women.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 9: Something you are proud of over the last few days

Not hard at all - My grand ability to flash my peace lily white legs as I leapt into the ocean every day of this beautiful new year....

"A corre e cagare ci si immerda i garretti"
- By running and defecating at the same time, you'll get crap on your heels. In other words: Doing two things at the same time will result in a messs!
Ciao xo.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 8: Short Term Goals of This Month

.... & I have made it to Day 8 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge with out skipping a beat although I have skipped along to many beats over the first few days of 2011...

Short Term Goals For This Month:

1. Book plane tickets to explore the world...
2. Swim/walk EVERYDAY..
3. Eat nothing but organic fruit til lunchtime..
4. Keep my waka clean and clear - hoping this will keep my brain clean and clear...
5. Pour resin into the beautiful table at kindergarten, which we lovingly mosaic'd before the end of 2010...
6. Tan my white legs..
7. Ensure my positive communication skills are up to scratch before starting term one of this year..
& 8.. because this is day 8. Spend huge amounts of quality time with those that I love...

.... & I haven't touched a hikareti this year so far, and I really have no intentions of... Poo poo to "once a smoker, always a smoker"!

cough, cough, ciao xo.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 7: Pikitia of Someone/Something That Has a Big Influence on You..

All the Mama's and pepi
in my world of Aotearoa,

hold grand influences for me on a daily basis..

With their great sense of unconditional aroha,

patience and peaceful awhi,

they forever fill my heart..
Grazie.. xox.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 6: Favourite Super Hero and why?

Wonder Wahine......
I grew up with this amazing wahine, and she was every red-headed girl's idol with her super strength, super stamina, super agility, and super speed - What more could one ask for? Miss Honey and I leapt into the ocean today, and with the westerly wind creating an uncalm collection of waves, I pined for Wonder Wahine's super sense of strength to go with my Wonder Wahine hibiscus togs........

Ciao mia sorella xo.