Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 20 - Someone I see myself marrying in the future

If marriage ever gets round to knocking on my door (Oh, hold on one minute - best I not be a Nomad then, and actually have my very own door?), I've got my heart set on a grand, strong scotsman... yes, I know, Ewan McGregor does not seem all that strong in this pikitia, but I'm hoping you get the idea..
A piece of advice crossed my path in 2010, and that is to ensure you settle your heart with somebody that meets you on the following levels:
a. Spiritual
b. Emotional
c. physical
I'm not to sure if this rolls with me because often in my life, I come across couples that are so opposite! Maybe meet on at least one of these levels?
I did find a random recipe for a man in the back of one of my journals - 'ability to use a chainsaw, and the patience to let me use one too..'! (Is this a realistic ingredient?)...

The following video clip is from Sarah Blasko - All I want.. (I'd really like to own her dress...)

Italian phrase for the Day: "Mi piace it tuo ciondolo" - I love your pendant.

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