Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 14: a pikitia of my whaanau and me..

It kind of looks like I've jumped the gun a wee bit, but let the truth be known - I missed yesterday's part of the 30 Day Blog Challenge... But please do not stretch me out and behead me like my 17th great grandfather.....!
The Gorgeous Cousin's at our Cousin's Wedding...

My Aunty, Sister, Nan, Mama, Cousin and Koro!
(This pikitia was taken on a timer on the top of the
beloved port-a-bin)...
Went on a bit of a tiki-tour today - shared some grand laughter with friends and their wee one's, filled up ordinary balloons with water and created "fish" for the swimming pool, got completely excited at the thought of leaping on a plane next week (Struth.. if only I could in a financial sense), chuckled at a duck waddling inside a fancy house, and nearly got dive bombed by a thousand long dragonfly's (okay, so that's a wee bit of an exaggeration, but there were a few!).. Oh and I got a grand lesson from Denita MAd in the fine art of 'Embedding' Youtube clips to my Blog! Mille Baci Mama Dee xox.

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