Friday, February 4, 2011

Dee's Everyday Blog challenge - and that's "Mama Dee" to you..!

hmmm... what could this particular treat be..? A specialty perhaps?
...and even though february has not 31 days, I'll also, obviously, be starting this magnifico 30 day challenge late - A family tradition carried over.. Ka pai to mahi/Great work Mama Dee.... xo.

Day 01- Buy a piece of fruit, post a photo and tell us why you bought this type of fruit. Keep it in a safe place for the month.
Day 02- If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be and why? Name the pet and tell us any special tricks or traits it might have.
Day 03- Write a poem about a person you know.
Day 04- Draw, for only 10 minutes, a portrait of your family.
Day 05- Tell us something interesting and treasured that your mother or father taught you.
Day 06- What is your daily morning routine?
Day 07- Who is your all time favourite artist and what is their best piece/s?
Day 08- Take a photo of the weirdest thing you can find in your community and tell us why.
Day 09- When was the last time you stayed up to see the sunrise?
Day 10- If you could pick your 15mins of fame, what would you be doing?
Day 11- Draw a self portrait in chalk.
Day 12- What was the last thing you Googled and what did you find out?
Day 13- If you could change one law what would it be, and why?
Day 14- If you could learn anything at night classes, what would it be and why?
Day 15- Draw a picture of anything in your home without looking at the paper.
Day 16- Who is the person you laugh with the most and why?
Day 17- What were you doing when Lady Di was killed in Paris 14 years ago?
Day 18- Make a collage out of todays newspaper, make sure you sign it and put the date in there somewhere.
Day 19- What is your biggest fear?
Day 20- Tell us about one of the most exciting times you have had in your life.
Day 21- Take a photo of your dinner and tell us about how it taste.
Day 22- What is your favourite sweet treat?
Day 23- Do a water painting and take a photo of it before it dries.
Day 24- If you could only have on cd in your car for a month what would it have on it?
Day 25- What were you like as a teenager?
Day 26- If you could have any wish what would it be and why?
Day 27- Do something nice for someone today and tell us what you did.
Day 28- Draw a portrait of yourself without taking the pen off the paper.
Day 29- What is the thing that has been on your TO DO LIST the longest? Why have you been putting it off?
Day 30- What sort of blog challenges would you make me do for a month? You can post 1-31 days here, your choice.
Day 31- Take a photo of the piece of fruit you bought at the beginning of the challenge and tell us what happened to it over the month.

Day 30 - My favourite song

Please, please do forgive me... and all the others that have done you wrong... I apologise on their behalf, they honestly didn't mean it..... I had completely forgotten about DAY 30 as the new kindergarten term has rolled around and my aroha for the tamariki took hold of my days.. oh and the fact that excitment has entirely distracted me because one of my goals for the month of January has come into fruition - Yes, I am to leap on a wakarererangi (boeing 737) on June the 8th of this very year, to travel Europe for approx 7 months (she excitedly types even though her leave has not been officially approved!?) but more on that at a later date...

SOoooo... my favourite tune ever? Easy, peasy, Japanesy...... Melissa Etheridge and Dolly Parton's duet of "JOLENE" - Beautiful wahine with beautiful soul..
But alas you'll have to youtube it as the ancient PC I have hijacked keeps freaking out when one tries to embed video clips... Enjoy, and do comment if you take the time to look my favourite tune up - I'm intrigued!!
Italian Phrase of the Day:

.."I' supplica di m. di voi prego don' la t prende il mio uomo" -

I'm begging of you please don't take my man...

and now to quite possibly take on another 30 day trick? What say you?