Friday, February 4, 2011

Dee's Everyday Blog challenge - and that's "Mama Dee" to you..!

hmmm... what could this particular treat be..? A specialty perhaps?
...and even though february has not 31 days, I'll also, obviously, be starting this magnifico 30 day challenge late - A family tradition carried over.. Ka pai to mahi/Great work Mama Dee.... xo.

Day 01- Buy a piece of fruit, post a photo and tell us why you bought this type of fruit. Keep it in a safe place for the month.
Day 02- If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be and why? Name the pet and tell us any special tricks or traits it might have.
Day 03- Write a poem about a person you know.
Day 04- Draw, for only 10 minutes, a portrait of your family.
Day 05- Tell us something interesting and treasured that your mother or father taught you.
Day 06- What is your daily morning routine?
Day 07- Who is your all time favourite artist and what is their best piece/s?
Day 08- Take a photo of the weirdest thing you can find in your community and tell us why.
Day 09- When was the last time you stayed up to see the sunrise?
Day 10- If you could pick your 15mins of fame, what would you be doing?
Day 11- Draw a self portrait in chalk.
Day 12- What was the last thing you Googled and what did you find out?
Day 13- If you could change one law what would it be, and why?
Day 14- If you could learn anything at night classes, what would it be and why?
Day 15- Draw a picture of anything in your home without looking at the paper.
Day 16- Who is the person you laugh with the most and why?
Day 17- What were you doing when Lady Di was killed in Paris 14 years ago?
Day 18- Make a collage out of todays newspaper, make sure you sign it and put the date in there somewhere.
Day 19- What is your biggest fear?
Day 20- Tell us about one of the most exciting times you have had in your life.
Day 21- Take a photo of your dinner and tell us about how it taste.
Day 22- What is your favourite sweet treat?
Day 23- Do a water painting and take a photo of it before it dries.
Day 24- If you could only have on cd in your car for a month what would it have on it?
Day 25- What were you like as a teenager?
Day 26- If you could have any wish what would it be and why?
Day 27- Do something nice for someone today and tell us what you did.
Day 28- Draw a portrait of yourself without taking the pen off the paper.
Day 29- What is the thing that has been on your TO DO LIST the longest? Why have you been putting it off?
Day 30- What sort of blog challenges would you make me do for a month? You can post 1-31 days here, your choice.
Day 31- Take a photo of the piece of fruit you bought at the beginning of the challenge and tell us what happened to it over the month.

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