Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 01- Buy a piece of fruit, post a photo and tell us why you bought this type of fruit. Keep it in a safe place for the month.

The very beginning of a Brand spanking new 30 day Blog Challenge - courtesy of Mrs Denita Tizard... I must contently confess that I never actually purchased this here Golden Queen Peach, but instead it was found in my Nana Manu's refridgerator (Is this honestly how you spell the full word for fridge?)..... and it is one of my favourite fruits, but my mama loves them much much more then I - Personally, even though it is not in season, a CHERIMOYA, or CUSTARD APPLE, floats my grand old paddle steamboat.... and this GOLDEN QUEEN PEACH takes a very comfortable second place position...

Whether it will actually last a whole month without me devouring it is another blog entirely! I adore its juicyness and its ability to not be as furry as other types of peaches......

AND..... peaches bring a whole myriad of visuals and sounds to my mind:

- I once painted a backdrop for "The Wizard of Oz" production where the hills looked like hundreds of peaches, or bottoms even..

- My first smooch was under the family peach tree (Maybe aged 8yrs?)

- I'd love to drink pure golden queen peach juice on a daily basis!

- Are there peaches in Austria perchance?

Italian Phrase of the Day: "Milioni de peschi per me"
- Millions of peaches for me!

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Amanda said...

I so love this song it would have to be one of my all time FAV!!! thanks for sharing it. xxx I am also may i say very excited that you have started this again LOVE reading it and getting to know you even more than i did before Aroha to you my Friend