Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 05- Tell us something interesting and treasured that your mother or father taught you.

One grand thing I remember, at the age of apprx. 16 years, is a dream I had of my papa (he'd been gone say 8 years by this time).. He picked me up in his beautiful styley Holden Special 1967 vehicle, and took me for a driving lesson - my first one ever, and with column change!

When I learnt to drive in waking life (thanks ever sooo to my glorious cousin Kirsti and her ever trusty wagon which always ran happily on empty), I remembered a few tricks of the trade that my papa had taught me......
  1. No need to keep your foot on the brake while you ride the accelerator
  2. Window ledges are for resting your elbows
  3. Always wear a seatbelt, always.......

And now my grand wagon that I adore, has been sold and is awaiting the installation of new CV joints - I will miss thee dearly and hope to behold myself a beautiful van on my return from the grand continent of Europe - of which there is only 12 weeks and 2 days until departure...... soo close yet sooooo far....

Italian Phrase of The Day: Quanto per quel vagone, per favore?
How much is that wagon, please?

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