Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 4 - Draw a picture of your family in just 10 minutes.

And that is that..... especially when there are no whaanau around and you have a spare sheet of lined paper in your planning book that your mama gave you for Christmas.... and a biro that you whipper snappered from the NZEI union lady because she refused to just give you an "Education Cuts Do Not Heal" T-shirt in support of the campaign... No, there actually was not a reason but it seemed pretty forthrightly fair at the time.. Okay, honestly? She left it behind, sneakily, on my desk... No not my desk - the communal desk!
Exaggerators Anonymous, do I need to register or can I do a walk in?
I did speak German to an unsuspecting German sheila today - "Wie Heissen sie?", she answered me, saying what I am not too sure, and she adored my accent.... I can surely pretend to be German in Germany - Ja!

Italian Phrase of the day: Potete parlare tedesco? - Can you speak German?

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