Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 10- If you could pick your 15mins of fame, what would you be doing?

15 minutes of Fame? I know exactly what I'd be doing......

Playing the grand ole blues/roots/jazz tunes, on the ukulele, in a set with one of the greats - maybe on the Stage at the Bowl of Brooklands in Taranaki? With BB King, or Richie Havens, or Bob Dylan or... or... or......?
Thousands upon thousands of people would be in awe - "did you happen to see that dreadlocked wahine who blew the socks off everyone that was standing on that grass that day..?!"

.. and... and Louis Armstrong would still be alive, and have caught wind of my tricks... and have personally requested I play a section on his next trumpet album.... maybe "The Very, Very Best of Louis Armstrong - Accompanied by the sweet tunes of Paula Ann Signal's Ukulele"...?

Please, leap into this daydream with me and take 2 minutes to honestly imagine your own name up in lights by Louis Armstrong, or whomever takes your fancy?....

Struth Ruth! I adore day dreaming on a sunny Sunday where the earth is still and Mother Earth is hopefully resting...... and also a day that I've found myself pondering on all the people who live rent free within my mind.... xo.

Italian Phrase of the Day: "Ti presento un amici mi, Louis" This is my friend, Louis....

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