Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 13- If you could change one law what would it be, and why?

One of the many Laws I would certainly enjoy changing would be Michael Laws and his political status in my hometown..

Thankfully, the majority of Whanganui voted in a Mayor who, besides being a strong wahine, genuinely cares for the people of this land - aswell as the land.. I'm pretty sure Michael Laws only cared for how his voice sounded live, and how many people he could offend while throwing his toys out of the cot... (She states while not wanting to sound tooo negative!)

But to cut a long story short, and before I get my forthright shoes on and write a novel, I think this Law can honestly be rectified by gathering together an old fashioned lynch mob to help Michael Laws pack up his bullyness and household goods into sturdy boxes, and move his ego right on out of town? And... maybe then take a leaf out of Bob Parker's book and tattoo it onto Michael's inner eyelids?

Italian Phrase of the day..... "Mi scusi, questa รจ la mia fermata"
Excuse me, this is my stop...

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