Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 08- Take a photo of the weirdest thing you can find in your community and tell us why

This creature (it seems soooo alive) majestically appeared beside the Whanganui Awa around about the time mother earth put on her unsettled shoes - before random earthquakes destroyed Christchurch and Japan, and before sooo many peoples hearts actually stopped...
The fissures are meant to portray the Whanganui Awa, but when I coincedently found this 800kg steel ball, it immediately felt prophetic... someone out there knew what was coming.... maybe?
The artist prefers to remain anonymous, while the creator, David McCracken, has produced a masterpiece - it holds grand acoustics and would sound incredible with a whole heap of hearts beating a drum beat on its surface....
My heart beat furiously, early hours of Saturday morning, at the knowledge that recent earthquakes in Hawaii create a triangle with Japan and Aotearoa! To this day, anxiety stops me watching footage of the devastation because (a), it's entirely unbelievable yet sooo real, and (b), I'm leaping on a giant plane soon to see the world, and will be entirely helpless if anything major occurs.. what about my whaanau?
The photo's and video footage that have crossed my path remind me that we completely have no control over mother earth, and that enough is enough - we must take care of her, even if it is tooo late.... To be honest, I'm incredibly nervous.. Please do not think I am a scaredy cat though - just a wahine with a heart that is tooo big and quietly sensitive.....

Italian Phrase of the day:
"Ho bisogno del tabacco di aiutare i miei nervi"
- I have need of the tobacco to help my nerves

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