Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 17 - Someone I would love to swap lives with for a day

Hmmmm..................................... I've been pondering on this for a few days now and I reckon Miss

Nina Simone..

Imagine being able to play the piano with such grandness, and to sing with your deepest of hearts soulness without fear, or even needing, of offending anyone?

I've always wanted to spread myself across a grand Black piano and sing to my dearest loved ones for hours on end.. But I would only like to be Nina Simone for one day - her ancestral happenings, and sense of racial disturbances, really kept a negative hold upon her heart (of which it would!).. Maybe I could fill her shoes with positive aroha? hmmm... I love, well completely adore, the fact that dreams are absolutely free...

And I love her tune.. "Funkier then a mosquito's tweeter..." - A legend.. which I've just learnt, was a cover from Ike and Tina Turner!?

Italian Phrase for the day: "Tesoro mio" - My Treasure.

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