Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 10: Songs That I play when I'm sad/happy/hyped/mad...

Hnmmmm.. a tricky one! Would love to post youtube clips but unsure how..need lessons from my dearest Denita, but please do find, and enjoy, yourself....

  • SAD: Xavier Rudd's "Solace"
  • HAPPY: Ukulele jam sandwich - "My grandma, and your grandma"
  • HYPED: Nina Simone's "Funkier then a mosquito's tweeter" and Black Market Funk Podcasts..
  • MAD: Eartha Kitt's "I want to be evil" (Thanks Amanda J)

I'm currently housesitting up the top of a grand hill in Kai iwi with chickens (one of which is extremely clucky), a very old pooch, a grand vegetable garden and no water outside of the house... This home is just that, a heavenly home... I may just have to take over posession - isn't that 9/10th's of the law? Or padlock/electrify the gates? May turn into a prune too.... Ciao xo.

"Cosi fan tutte" - That is the way of all women.

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