Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 13: A Letter to Someone Who Recently Made Me Laugh

Dear Mr Jack Lalanne,
I have to say Sir, that on New Years Eve of 2011, your video clip on "Unhappy People" (see Youtube), made me laugh soooooo much... The complications of this laughter, however, caused a ginormous seritonin overload in the back of my head, and, I needed to run outside, drop my trousers, and amidst contending with the ridiculous pain in my head and a sense of dizzyness, I had to urinate on the grass of my dearest friends newly mowed lawn.

I think you should definately be held accountable for this, and if the grass wilters or my brain swells too much from the seritonin overload, I shall be invoicing you for damages as soon as it is possible!

Grand blessings and a happy hewest of year wherever you may be..

Paula Ann

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