Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 15: Put Ipod on Shuffle - First Ten songs that play.

One must let you know that a few days ago I plugged my itouch into a stereo and turned it on - and only 26 (out 0f 100's) songs remain.... hmmmmm.... a mystery in itself!

1. Thats's Amore - The Wellington International Ukulele orchestra
2. Rain and Snow - The Be Good Tanya's
3. One Love - Lullaby Renditions of Bob Marley
4. Samba Clarina - Balkan Grooves
5. Mama Said - The Phenominal Ruthie Foster
6. Brown Skin - Indie Arie
7. Israelites - The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra
8. Hope - Fat Freddy's Drop
9. Words With Creation - Hannah Howes
10. One Drop - Bob Marley and The Wailers...

and one more, that if I hadn't lost all my tunes, I know it would have spun up (It always did!)...

11. Izzy, izzy, ahh - Missy Elliot

Many moons ago, I met a grand musician, Hannah Howes - a lioness of the guitar! Being blessed, as I like to think I sometimes am, she invited me to open for her twice at the Red Eye Cafe in Whanganui - I nearly wet my pants with fear but pulled it off with a grand smile upon my dile...... Check her out on YouTube (I'm experiencing difficulties at uploading tricks - sorry Mama Dee, I was paying attention, I promise!)...

Italian Phrase of the day: "Sto cercando John" - I'm looking for John! Ciao xo.

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