Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 18 - Plans/dreams/goals I have

Life seems sooo full of aroha when you are free to do what you want, but then the school holidays finish way to soon and your back to the tricks of being a kindergarten teacher, while others explore and enjoy the world. As Nina would say "Please don't let me be misunderstood", I adore being a teacher (tutore/maestro in italian) but I'm rather unsure of where I want to be a teacher right now....
Anyhow... to the PLANS/DREAMS/GOALS I have:

1. Get on a wakarererangi for absolute starters - this year!

2. Explore/work/laugh and enjoy Scotland, of which makes up a third of my being...

Italy - Note that in some weird way it is shaped like an upside down Aotearoa...

.. and.... the Netherlands..

3. Have no sense of coming home until well into 2012..

4. Laugh, love and live...... Hopefully with a grand, strong Scotsman...

5. Teach where my heart is on the same page as others... In a natural setting perhaps?

6. Write music.... and photograph the world as I see it - "The Little Things"..

Hmmm... that might just have to do for now (I hope it's not too 'airy fairy' for your liking?) as I could get randomly carried away and fill in an entirety of Blog Challenge Days...

Italian phrase for the Day: (Compliments of an Italian Phrase Calendar that my gorgeous red headed niece gave me for Christmas)

"I diamanti sono i migliori amici delle ragazze" - Diamonds are a girl's best friend..

"Paula preferisce i rubini" - Paula prefers rubies!

NB: Darling Mama Dee, I'm not too sure if this youtube clip shows up on my blog trick - it doesn't appear to on the computer I am on.. AM I missing a specific trick perhaps? xox.

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Denita said...

Yes it is on there, Maddy is dancing around. All you need to change the code as the width is too wide for your page. Try changing it to 425. Dream big Miss Paula x x x