Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day5 - What you would find in my bag?

I've left my camera at the Balmoral manor, and I'm a day behind... But let me tell you whats in my bag this day:
  1. a 'boysenberry' telephone
  2. Pick-up-sticks
  3. A random set of keys -not sure who they belong to
  4. 2011 diary, stuffed full of found objects
  5. Traces of tobacco from days long gone
  6. Headphones
  7. My wallet which has only just made its way back to me (thankyou Deanna)
  8. Many pens.. many of which do not work
  9. A crunchy organic apple from Ashburton
  10. Copious amounts of EFTPOS receipts
  11. A guitar pick made of paua
  12. A map of Europe
  13. and... Frankincense oil that has slowly leaked dry

I did something yesterday that nearly made me faint - and if it wasn't for the concept of hurting myself, perhaps I would have..! When I confided in a 'Pesky Teenager' this morning, he sung me a tune by Tracey Chapman (is she still about?), which bought to memory this legendary tune:

Italian Phrase of the Day: "Sei stupenda!" - you're fantastic!

Mucho aroha and awhi to Sarah, Ben and whaanau - I wish there was still time to get to know you and your beautiful smile girl xox.

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