Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 23 - Something I crave for a lot

This morning I craved for a good ole game of the "Chronicles of Narnia" - and I fulfilled that craving this afternoon....! Cheers to Mrs Jones..

Right now I would do just about anything for a gluten free, sugar free chocolate cake that comletely and utterly tasted like the real thing! Maybe I should turn into the huntress and raid the cupboards, of where I'm housesitting as I am officially homeless, to look for buckwheat flour and organic vanilla essence - would honey do the trick? hmmmm... I believe I really need someone so skilled in this gluten free trick to just take over and feed me on a regular basis.....

I wondered, while at the movie theatre the other evening, if Cher is gluten free? By the way the movie, Burlesque, was choice - an escapism tactic, and quite similar to Coyote Ugly....

Italian Phrase for the Day: "Mi piace la torta" - I like cake.

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